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By Dr. Jeffrey Frederick
July 14, 2014
Category: Sports Injuries

Heavy running can cause Achilles tendinitisSummer is a great time for kids to play outside, but it can also be a good time for the whole family to go out and enjoy activities together. That’s why the Berkley Parks and Recreation department is hosting a Community Picnic on Saturday, July 19, as part of its Sumer Fest celebrations. This year, NorthPointe Foot & Ankle is proud to be a sponsor for this great event. Come out to the Community Park Complex for fun and games with your family. Jumping and running games may be hard to enjoy, however, if you’re struggling with Achilles tendinitis.

Achilles tendinitis is an uncomfortable overuse injury in your Achilles tendon, which makes it difficult and painful to push off the ground. It’s fairly common with athletes—particularly runners, since they put so much force on the connector—but anyone can develop the problem. Too many hard impacts or repetitive motions over time, and you can easily strain the tissue. Resolving the painful problem takes time, too, since the tendon first must heal, then be re-conditioned to handle the strain of your activities. Preventing the problem before it starts is better for you than trying to recover from it.

Take a few simple steps to prepare your lower limbs for activities and reduce your risk for injuring yourself. Stretch your Achilles every day to keep it from tightening. Do exercises to strengthen your calf muscles, too, like heel raises and toe walking, to help condition the tendon. Make sure you wear supportive footwear and invest in good shoes for your sports or other activities. If you notice your lower limbs becoming sore and painful when you’re active, scale back and let yourself rest.

You don’t need to let Achilles tendinitis keep you from enjoying Berkley’s Community Picnic. Instead, start taking steps now to protect your limbs. If you’re already struggling with discomfort, don’t wait to get help. Contact NorthPointe Foot & Ankle for more information or an appointment. Call (248) 545-0100 or use the online request form to reach us. 

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By Dr. Jeffrey Frederick
May 27, 2014
Category: Sports Injuries
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Runners can Strengthen their feet to Avoid Foot Injuries.The Oak Apple Run will be held in Royal Oak, MI on May 31, and proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club. All you runners out there: are you ready for this year’s run? Actually the question is, are your feet ready?  With all the training you put in, your feet take a lot of pounding, and if they’re not strong enough to withstand all that impact, the results can be painful. Weak feet can lead to injuries like plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, and metatarsal fractures. On the flip side, strong feet can reduce pain and injuries, improve your balance, and even make you run faster!  Before you can strengthen your feet, however, you need to know why they’re weak in the first place.

Runners tuck their feet into shoes designed for maximum comfort, cushioning, and stability. With all that protection, your feet never have a chance to gain strength naturally. So how can you strengthen them?  Dr. Jeffrey Frederick of Berkley’s NorthPointe Foot and Ankle offers the following helpful tips.

Lose the shoes!  That’s right, it’s actually recommended that you go barefoot sometimes, so they can get out and sense the ground. While you’re at it, try this simple exercise to add strength: stand on one leg on a balance disc or hop on one leg on a mini trampoline. You can incorporate such exercises into day-to-day activities, too, like while your brushing your teeth or cooking up that pre-race meal.

Another tip?  Stand more and sit less. The more you stay on your feet, the stronger they’ll get. Lastly, integrating plyometrics into your training routine helps condition your feet to withstand the impact that comes with running. Plyometric exercises involve quick direction changes, hopping, jumping, and skipping. Examples include hopping side-to-side or jumping on one leg into a box.

If you want to stay injury-free, and get a personal best at Oak Apple this year, start to strengthen your feet now! Run on over to NorthPointe Foot and Ankle in Berkley, MI for more information, or call (248) 545-0100 to talk with Dr. Jeffrey Frederick today.

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By Dr. Jeffrey Frederick
October 15, 2010
Category: Sports Injuries
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The tickets were sold, the hype was roaring and the fans were desperate to see Serena Williams challenge for the U.S. Open! Then came word of a bloody foot wrapped by an excessively large bandage, the hype was gone and their star was unavailable for the U.S. Open with little explanation. Nobody knew what had happened except that something so simple as a fragile foot had devastated their wallets and swiftly devastated their hopes for a more exciting tournament.

Accusations are now running rampant that Serena Williams has faked her foot injury; after all she was fine enough to play an exhibition match again Kim Clijsters following Wimbledon, and after the exhibition match she was even reported to be seeing goofing around at a party hosted by her family. Then, controversy struck! Serena was seen wearing an called an AFO (ankle foot orthosis). Her representatives claimed that she would be fine for the U.S. Open, but then two weeks beforehand, word arrived to the press that she would not be participating! Was a it a sprain of the anterior tibulofibular ligament, plantar fasciitis, superficial damage to the skin or something more serious? The entire incident was a mystery and no one had any answers! Fans demanded an explanation and the media even accused her of faking an injury.

Word then came of a beer bottle falling and hitting her on the foot resulting in a laceration, but can that be so simple? She could have merely seen her local podiatrist and had the wound taken care of in no time! Any podiatric practicioner could have had her playing for the U.S. Open almost immediately. So unless Serena Williams had never heard of a podiatrist. We here at Michigan Foot Care call rubbish on her alibi!