High Heels for the Photo Shoot

High Heels for the Photo Shoot

Graduation pictureSummertime is filled with picture taking – graduations, weddings, parties, etc.  But if you’re someone who deals with arch or heel pain, bunions, or other foot problems, all this time in high heels may make your feet suffer.  Some say heels are worth the pain and potential lifetime deformity, as the photos themselves can be lasting memories as well.  But can’t a compromise be made?

Wedges, heels, sandals typically are made with fashion as the #1 priority, and comfort generally second. Keep in mind that many foot care products are made which can make heels tolerable for wearing during photos and other important moments at your special event. For bunion pain, applying a pad over the bony prominence may relieve some pain associated with rubbing from the shoe. If you have painful calluses or a thinning of the protective fat pad on the bottom of your feet, try using gel inserts to lessen the friction on the skin surface.  Blisters and corns can be relieved by gel band-aids or skin-colored tape.

Pay careful attention to the fit and feel of the shoe before you leave the store to better assess your potential problems, and pick up a few extra pads to put in your purse for after the event starts. A few dollars on foot products could save you a lot of grief later on. Don’t forget that graduation photos tend to focus from the gown up, so save yourself the trouble and skip the heels in the first place!

For events that require a lot of standing and walking, try taking along a pair of flats with a thin arch support or cushioned insole.  These ballet-style shoes can be easily tucked into a purse or bag to avoid ruining your perfect outfit. And if you are going away for the weekend, be sure to throw in a pair of athletic shoes for running errands or setting up – you won’t regret it! Let’s me honest, the genuine smile on your face as you are enjoying the event pain-free will far outdo your stylish image, even with those heels.

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Photo Credit: harrykeely via freeimages.com