Laser Surgery for Toenail Fungus Can Make Sandal-Happy Feet

Laser Surgery for Toenail Fungus Can Make Sandal-Happy Feet

Laser Therapy gets your Feet Ready for Wearing Sandals!We’re getting closer to Memorial Day weekend—one of the most traveled holidays in the United States and an unofficial “kick off” to the summer season. This holiday is a chance for you to enjoy an extra day off to spend time with family and be active in warm weather. Many people will be making the most of sandal season. Of course, fungal infections keep some people from wanting to show off their toes in summer shoes. If you are one of them, you may want to consider laser surgery for toenail fungus to restore your feet.

Toenail fungus is hard to eliminate and can significantly alter the appearance of your nails. The condition can also make it uncomfortable to wear some shoes. There are a variety of therapies to treat the problem, but most of them take a long time to eliminate the infection. Laser surgery for toenail fungus targets the damaged cells directly, eradiating the bacteria buildup in just a few treatments.

With the source of the infection gone, your toenails are able to start re-growing healthy tissue right away. You’re able to see the difference as the nail grows out. The procedure also doesn’t have any of the potential side effects of the more traditional medications used to treat this condition.

Consider giving your toes their own vacation treat for Memorial Day weekend. Don’t resign yourself to hiding your toes all summer long. Contact the laser experts here at Northpointe Foot & Ankle in Berkley, MI, to make an appointment. Let us help you clear up your feet and keep them sandal-ready. Use our website request form or call (248) 545-0100 to reach us.

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