Recent Lawsuit Against Toning Shoes

Recent Lawsuit Against Toning Shoes

The promise of a better body without having to do any of the work it takes to get one might just be too good to be true after all.

Rocker bottom or “Toning shoes” have become wildly popular in recent years and are based on the idea that they will give the wearer’s legs and gluteal muscles a targeted workout. For the past three years, Skechers used celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Brooke Burke, and Wayne Gretzky to promote a product the government determined doesn't really work.  A lawsuit was reached recently after the Federal Trade Commission sued Skechers USA Inc. for making bogus claims about the shoes' ability to help consumers lose weight and shape up their posteriors.  Although Skechers stands by its claims, it will pay $40 million to settle charges, most of which will go toward consumer refunds. The company is also prohibited from making unsubstantiated health claims about its shoes.

In 2011 Reebok was ordered to pay a $25 million settlement after similar lawsuit regarding the company's line of shape-up shoes and clothing that claimed to help tone the body.  Skechers has denied any wrongdoing. President Michael Greenberg defended the shoes and said the only reason the company settled was to avoid the legal fees of fighting the lawsuit. 

The refund relief largely on the honor system, and customers can submit a claim even without a receipt or if the shoes were purchased months ago. Anyone who purchased the company's line of Shape-Up shoes (or Resistance Runners, Tone-ups or Toners) is entitled to a partial refund whether they have proof of purchase or not. Consumers are urged to submit a claim at, fill out the online form and offer up any documentation or recollections that they might have, such as details about the purchase, or perhaps a credit card receipt.

As with all footwear decisions, make wise choices that will best suit your fitness activity level.  And if you chose to try a pair of rocker bottom shoes, carefully read the company’s instructions on how to properly break in and wear the shoes to avoid accidents or injury.

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