Sci-fi Future: Laser Therapy in Modern Medicine

Sci-fi Future: Laser Therapy in Modern Medicine


Our culture is fascinated by the future and the possible leaps in technology, like laser guns, hover transports, and of course, robots. You only have to look at our movies to see evidence of our interest—like Robocop, in theaters February 7, 2014. In this movie, futuristic medicine makes it possible to save a police officer’s life by integrating machinery into his physical body, making him half human, half robot. He then continues to fight crime with impressive super-human abilities.

Of course, none of that is currently possible with our medicine and robotic technology, but that doesn’t mean sci-fi-like medical advances haven’t been made. One of these futuristic advancements has been treating wounds with laser therapy. By using an extremely precise wavelength, a low-level laser is able to decrease painful inflammation and encourage faster healing in the affected tissues.

This is great news for diabetic patients who develop slow-healing ulcers on their feet and ankles, especially if the problems are chronic. Simple and painless laser therapy can help relieve distress and improve recovery, so that you are able to get back on your feet again. So while modern medicine may not be up to Robocop standards yet, it certainly is making some fantastic advancements to help improve people’s lives.

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