The Right Gear for Cycling and Your Feet

The Right Gear for Cycling and Your Feet

Proper Shoes Protect your Feet while you’re Biking.Cycling is a great exercise for all ages. Naturally, biking comes with some basic safety gear—helmets. This simple protective piece has been responsible for saving countless lives by protecting the head during accidents. That’s why the Lids for Kids event, taking place June 14 in Berkley, MI, is so valuable for young bikers. It provides them with a free helmet and basic safety information. Of course, your head isn’t the only part of you that needs protection when biking. Cycling and your feet are linked, too.

Cycling is a wonderful activity for your lower limbs. It doesn’t have the hard impacts that running does, but still works your feet and ankles. You have to push through your arch and the ball of the foot to move the pedals forward. However, like any other sport, it does have some risk for foot injuries. Since usually only the ball of the foot is on the pedal, the pressure you exert isn’t evenly dispersed through your lower limbs. This can allow you to develop tendonitis, metatarsalgia, shin splints, and pinched nerves.

Wearing the proper shoes can make a significant difference in your foot comfort. Most people forget about their shoes, even though they are an important part of normal biking equipment. You need a pair with stiff soles that won’t collapse through the arch when you pedal. This controls the stress on the foot when you push down. Make sure your footwear has sufficient padding through the forefoot, too, to minimize the pressure there.

Don’t underestimate the connection between cycling and your feet. You want your lower limbs to stay comfortable when you ride. If you notice foot pain when you bike, don’t ignore it. Contact NorthPointe Foot & Ankle, where we can take care of your lower limbs. Call (248) 545-0100 or use our online contact form to reach us.

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