Try Exercise for Poor Circulation from Diabetes

Try Exercise for Poor Circulation from Diabetes

Riding a Bike is a Great way for Diabetics to Exercise.Many people spend their days sitting down in an office. While working hard is important, all those hours of sitting is bad for your health—especially if you have poor circulation from diabetes. Sitting for hours on end actually damages your circulation. When you have diabetes, good circulation is vital for your foot care! May is Employee Health and Fitness Month. This is a great excuse for you to find ways to move around and keep your body healthy.

Poor circulation from diabetes is actually fairly common. Fluctuating blood sugar levels damage your blood vessels, causing problems like peripheral vascular disease. This narrowing and stiffening of your arteries means the amount of blood that flows down into your lower limbs is significantly restricted. Over time, the decreased oxygen and nutrients takes a toll on your feet and legs.

You become more susceptible to aches and injuries, while also losing your ability to heal efficiently. You may get cramps when you’re active and be prone to slow-healing ulcers. Fortunately, standing up and exercising can significantly improve your circulation.

Exercising increases your heart rate, which in turn increases your blood flow. This pushes more blood through your arteries to your lower limbs. Something as simple as walking around the office during the day could help counteract the effect of hours of sitting. Our expert team can also help you determine a routine for outside the office that will be safe for your feet while still benefitting them.

If diabetes has affected your circulation, you can take steps to manage your discomfort and improve your blood flow. That way you’re far less likely to develop severe complications that could result in serious infections or injuries. Contact NorthPointe Foot & Ankle here in Berkley, MI, for more information or an appointment to take care of your diabetic feet. Call (248) 545-0100 or use our online contact form to reach us.

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