What is So Bad About Nail Polish?

What is So Bad About Nail Polish?

Most nail polishes contain formaldehyde, a carcinogenic chemical best known for preserving cadavers. On a toenail, the formaldehyde dries and damages the nail. Polish remover has acetone, which is popular for removing adhesives and paint, and it is also damaging for the nail. This damage can leave the toenail susceptible to fungus infections. The dry white flaky condition of the nail when the polish comes of is often presumed to be a fungus and when in fact, it is damage from the polish.

 Even though summer brings with it sandal season, it is a good idea to give your nails a chance to recover by not wearing polish all the time. What about just wearing a base coat?  Clear polish is still just as damaging. It’s not the color that does it – it’s the polish itself.

So, is there such thing as good polish? The answer is yes. There is no nail polish that is totally natural, but the best thing to look for in nail polish is one that is "Three-Free," meaning free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde — all known carcinogenic ingredients.  Some brands that are “Three-Free” are: Priti, Zoya, 
Aquarella, Butter London, and Sante.

By some reports, the natural polishes are inferior, but your health should probably trump the prettiness of your toenails. There are also “healthy” polishes that contain vitamins, tea tree oil, and wheat protein. These are better for the nails and have antifungal properties. Even so, no polish is still better than these.

So if you’re on vacation, go crazy, wear polish for a week if you’re wearing shoes that will show your toes. But otherwise, treat the nails right and keep them healthy for years to come.

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