Are Nail Salons Safe?
By Dr. Jeffrey Frederick
August 09, 2012
Category: Toenails

Do you enjoy pedicures?  Are you sure Although state regulations require manicurists to throw out nail files and buffers after they have been used on a single customer, every year a number of salons are caught reusing filers and buffers, which can transmit fungal nail infections.  Just last year, investigators distributed citations for a range of violations, including unlicensed employees, unsanitary tools and lack of sterilization.

At some salons, staff members used blades on customers.  Blades are supposed to be used by podiatrists only and should not allowed in a salon at all.  Misuse of blades can lead to skin breakdown and cuts, which can cause infections.

To avoid problems, customers should ask salons how they sanitize their tools, and if they reuse nail files and buffers.  Customers also should check for licenses, which indicates the salon is aware of the latest public health requirements.  Be sure to be aware of these safety concerns when visiting a salon to keep your feet healthy!

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