Holiday Foot Care Gifts: Part I
By Dr. Jeffrey Frederick
December 05, 2012
Category: Foot Health Care


Foot productsDon’t neglect your feet this Holiday Season – foot themed gifts are a great option for any friend or family member this year.  After all, our feet do deserve some special treatment every once in a while!  Just walking around the store or watching TV, you are sure to catch a few advertisements for foot related products.  Some stores even have an entire aisle devoted to foot needs!  Listed below are a few ideas for gifts this year, and why they might be a good purchase for you.

  1. Compression Stockings – these tight socks are worn up to the knee and serve to aid in return of lymphatic fluid from the legs throughout the day.  This can be especially important for people who have been diagnosed with venous stasis, in which case their doctor should be the one to recommend certain stockings as they come in different compression strengths.  Benefits for the rest of us include those who suffer from swelling at the ankles or lower legs, a recent injury such as an ankle sprain which causes residual swelling for a long time, or those who are on their feet a lot during the day.  The stockings are a bit tricky to put on, especially without good flexibility or if you have arthritis in your hands.  Overall, a great gift idea for any nurse or other medical professional in your life!
  2. Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports” – these soft pads are designed to provide arch support in order to “promote balance and body alignment”.  This might be a stretch for most of us, but they may serve to provide some relief for those who have a flatter foot structure, and history of plantar fasciitis or heel pain.  The best treatment for those conditions is a more rigid device which is able to provide support even with the weight of the body above it, as these cushions will likely collapse the moment you stand up.  A fine gift idea for someone who has tried firmer inserts without relief.
  3. And just for fun – Know of anyone with stubborn plantar fasciitis pain?  A fun gift idea may be a little care package for at-home physical therapy, including: a reusable ice pack, a golf ball/tennis ball/or lacrosse ball, a disposable water bottle, therabands or elastic exercise bands, and a gift certificate for a foot massage!

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