How To Avoid Pain by Cutting Your Nails
By Dr. Jeffrey Frederick
January 18, 2011
Category: Toenails
Tags: toenail trimming   foot pain  

Can a V-shape prevent ingrown toenails?


  1. The v-shape will not prevent a painful ingrown toe nail, it will actually cause your ingrown toe nail to get worse.
  2. The "v" shape will remain as the nail continues to grow out. The nail will not grow toward the center as some myths would lead you to believe.
  3. To help prevent ingrown toenails, you should cut your toenails straight across so that they do not curve around and dig into your skin.
  4. It is also helpful to use a a toenail file so that the nail is not sharp or jagged, possibly digging into the surrounding skin.
  5. Remember if your ingrown toe nail is complicated by diabetes, neuropathy or poor circulation, you should schedule an appointment to have your toenails inspected by a podiatrist to avoid further complications.