Serena Williams Foot Injury
By Dr. Jeffrey Frederick
October 15, 2010
Category: Sports Injuries
Tags: sports injuries   ankle pain  

The tickets were sold, the hype was roaring and the fans were desperate to see Serena Williams challenge for the U.S. Open! Then came word of a bloody foot wrapped by an excessively large bandage, the hype was gone and their star was unavailable for the U.S. Open with little explanation. Nobody knew what had happened except that something so simple as a fragile foot had devastated their wallets and swiftly devastated their hopes for a more exciting tournament.

Accusations are now running rampant that Serena Williams has faked her foot injury; after all she was fine enough to play an exhibition match again Kim Clijsters following Wimbledon, and after the exhibition match she was even reported to be seeing goofing around at a party hosted by her family. Then, controversy struck! Serena was seen wearing an called an AFO (ankle foot orthosis). Her representatives claimed that she would be fine for the U.S. Open, but then two weeks beforehand, word arrived to the press that she would not be participating! Was a it a sprain of the anterior tibulofibular ligament, plantar fasciitis, superficial damage to the skin or something more serious? The entire incident was a mystery and no one had any answers! Fans demanded an explanation and the media even accused her of faking an injury.

Word then came of a beer bottle falling and hitting her on the foot resulting in a laceration, but can that be so simple? She could have merely seen her local podiatrist and had the wound taken care of in no time! Any podiatric practicioner could have had her playing for the U.S. Open almost immediately. So unless Serena Williams had never heard of a podiatrist. We here at Michigan Foot Care call rubbish on her alibi!


Let's see a picture of that foot!
By Bob
October 15, 2010
I think she's hiding something!
By joe stuto
November 05, 2010
nice post