What to Do in the Case of Unfortunate Summer Injuries:
By Dr. Jeffrey Frederick
June 07, 2013
Category: Summer

Summertime means barefoot time, and with that comes a whole host of possible foot related injuries.  Even with careful monitoring of potential outside dangers, even natural objects or creatures can cause lingering pain and interrupt your summer fun.

First case:  the bee sting.  Little kids learn at a young age that ladybugs are fun, but bees are bad.  A hornet, wasp or bee sting on a child can be a rather dangerous incident, as a bee allergy may not have already been realized.  In the case of a suspected allergy, seek emergency medical attention immediately.  If the person does NOT have any severe allergy symptoms, remove the stinger gently with a fingernail or tweezers, apply ice, and elevate the leg.  Treat pain with Tylenol or Motrin, and itchiness with Benadryl.  A mixture of baking soda and water can act like calamine lotion as well.  See your doctor if the sting does not heal after 2-5 days. 

Second case: the rusty nail.  Any sharp object in the yard can lead to a painful flip-flop season or require a lengthy trip to the local ER. If a puncture of laceration injury does occur on the bottom of the foot, consider calling your podiatrist for an emergency visit as he may have more experience dealing with minimizing scarring and deformity.  Also, x-rays may need to be taken in the case that the nail may have penetrated the bone. More importantly, however, a break in the skin from a nail or splinter could allow entry of a potentially deadly bacterial infection, which lives in the soil, dust and animal feces.  Tetanus can be prevented with the tetanus vaccine, but a booster shot is also needed every 10 years.

Third case: the sprained ankleAnkle sprains commonly occur by running through bumpy grass or uneven territory.  Yard games are a typical instance for ankle injuries, so plan accordingly when the boundaries are drawn, taking care to avoid dips or rocks in the playing area.  If a twisting injury occurs, a quick trip to the ER or your podiatrist for a set of x-rays is not a bad idea as ankle sprains and fractures follow a similar pattern in the first few days after the injury occurs.  Be sure to apply ice right away and elevate the foot.  Apply gently compression with an ACE bandage to prevent painful swelling, and be sure to stay off your injured foot until a diagnosis is made.

Have a safe and fun summer this year by taking care of your feet!

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