Diabetic Foot Care

Of all major health concerns that affect the feet, diabetes can cause the most extensive damage and even lead to amputation.  Many newly diagnosed patients don’t realize the seriousness of their condition, and do not follow basic protocols for diabetic foot care.  This can have devastating effects since poor blood circulation and loss of feeling, both commonly associated with the disease, may lead to infection.  Don’t take diabetes lightly!  Let the experts at NorthPointe Foot & Ankle help you keep your feet in great shape. 

Self-Exams are a Must!

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is ignoring their feet.  Daily self-exams are critical to proper care.  Take time to inspect the tops and soles of the feet, and don’t forget the toes and the spaces in between.  The heels and ankles are also vulnerable.  Consider yourself a detective, and watch for clues.  For instance, a callus lets you know that there is a pressure point on the foot, which can lead to an ulcer over time.  Blisters and corns often indicate shoes that don’t fit well.  These skin issues along with minor cuts and scrapes can lead to infection, so don’t ignore them. 

Caution:  Foot Care in Progress!

Your feet are worth the extra effort that it takes to care for them, so exercise caution to prevent problems.  For instance, loss of feeling due to neuropathy can leave your feet vulnerable to burns.  Never use your foot to check water temperature, and always wear shoes to prevent burning them on hot surfaces such as concrete or sand.  There are many other precautions that can be taken such as:

  • Be Gentle.  Avoid hot water when bathing and choose a gentle cleanser that won’t dry the skin. The feet should be washed daily, and this is also a great opportunity to inspect them.
  • Be Careful.  If you’re able to maintain your feet, trim the nails carefully.  Cut them straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.  Diabetic foot care is provided by our expert staff.  Make an appointment to address calluses, and never try to trim them on your own.
  • Be Overprotective.  It may seem extreme, but never go barefoot.  When at home, find a pair of comfy slippers.  Stepping on a sharp object can be the beginning of a serious infection.  Make sure that you check the inside of your shoes before you wear them, and always choose properly fitted shoe gear and socks
  • Be Healthy.  Manage your diabetes through the means approved by your care team.  Avoid smoking and “cheating” on your diet.  Unmanaged blood sugar levels put your feet in grave danger
  • Be Here!  That’s right, be in our office at least once a year for a diabetic foot exam.  In some cases, our team will recommend more frequent visits.  Keep your appointments for the health of your feet!

Call our Berkley, MI office today at (248) 545-0100, or request an appointment online.  Diabetic foot care can be complicated, but you’re not alone. We serve the Berkley, Southfield, Royal Oak, Oak Park, and Ferndale MI areas with expert podiatric care.