Peripheral Artery Disease

Our office can now test for circulation problems! It's quick and painless!

Do you experience leg pain while walking or exercising? This could be a sign of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). The most common symptom of PAD is a painful muscle cramping in the hips, thighs or calves when walking, climbing stairs or exercising. The pain of PAD usually goes away when you stop exercising, although this may take a few minutes.

NorthPointe is now home to the PADnet machine which provides a pain-free screening for PAD. The test is run in thee office and the results are read by our own experts. The results are then confidentially transferred over the Internet to a group of cardiologists for their review.

PAD is treatable! If you live in the Berkley, Southfield, Royal Oak, Oak Park or Ferndale areas make an appointment today at NorthPointe to get screened for PAD. It only takes 15 - 20 minutes.